Setup your profile → showcase your work → Attract Opportunity
A work portfolio simply speaks out about all the skills you have.
If you’re feeling creative, do the errands tomorrow.
Believe it or not, the high income skills that pay the most money typically don’t require a formal education.
From consumers to programmers to business leaders, must become more educated about what good design really means.
Writing clarifies and sharpens your thoughts in a way that is superior to merely articulating them in a conversation.
You can write a perfect email and add the perfect CTA, but it will all be in vain if people don't open your email.
A generalist is a dabbler, an explorer, a learner — someone with broad knowledge across many topics and expertise in a few.
Are there two different people in your head, one that is talking and one that is listening?
The more skills you develop, the more money you’ll make.
Just because you took the time to write it, doesn’t mean anyone owes you their attention.
Time is the only thing you can not take control over, it's you who have to make the most out of each passing second.