Productivity Tips from the writer of Atomic Habit
Questions that changed life of Tim Ferriss (Writer of Tool of Titan & 3 Best Selling Books)
Don't fall for not so obvious things you see on the internet

February 2023

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Avoid medicinal energy booster traps

January 2023

If you don’t believe in yourself, it’s hard to let yourself have contrarian ideas about the future.
The days are long but the decades are short, you are gonna learn something new today, I promise
Here is the 100th week special for you all. Thank you so much for sticking through our thick and thin. This issue is dedicated to you all
Can you remember a time in your life when you felt confident? A time when you felt unstoppable… on top of the world?

December 2022

You don’t lack time. You just waste most of it on useless busyness.